A Problem Adequately Stated is a Problem Solved: The Next Gen Beekeepers Initiative

Bee-Girl    By Sarah Red-Laird    April 14, 2015

The latest numbers from a Bee Culture survey show beekeepers under forty years old making up a mere eight percent of our industry.  What’s more, a January 23rd article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “More Beekeepers Sour on Profession as Winter Die-Offs Continue,” is an all-too familiar sentiment moving through the beekeeping industry.  That’s not great news, as the future is upon us and the time is now to ensure the survival of our livelihood and passion.  This is, however, an exciting time to be a beekeeper.  Society, government, science, and the food industry have their eyes turned to us and are poised to offer support, perhaps more generously than any time in modern history.  So what do we do?

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