ABF Webinar: Conversation With a Beekeeper" April 7, 2015

American Beekeeping Federation

Don't miss another "Conversation with a Beekeeper" webinar. Tuesday, April 7, Sarah Red-Laird, better known as the Bee Girl, will discuss "Conserving Honey Bees by Sharing the Love with the Littlest Community Members." Sparking an interest for our honey bees in the “next generation” is imperative in the survival of our industry. Sarah Red-Laird, the Bee Girl and ABF’s Kids and Bees director, has developed an open source strategy for engaging preschool through college-aged youth. Join this entertaining webinar to hear about her adventures in the US and beyond, garner some tips for your own kids’ program, or maybe get inspired to launch your own program to conserve our favorite charismatic minifauna. Come join your fellow beekeepers at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time this coming Tuesday. It is FREE for ABF members.