Driver Swats At Bee, Flips Car Into Water-Filled Ditch    By Brad Davereaux   July 14, 2015

ALBEE TOWNSHIP, MI — A woman trying to prevent her daughter from getting a bee sting crashed the car she was driving into a water-filled ditch. 

It happened at 11:49 a.m. Tuesday, July 14, at 11321 Bueche in Albee Township, Saginaw County 911 reports. (map link

The driver was northbound on Bueche near Fergus when her 15-year-old daughter in the seat next to her said she felt an insect on her neck.

Knowing her daughter is allergic to bees, her mother began swatting at the insect just before the crash happened, said the daughter, Hannah Redder.

The car came to rest upside down in approximately knee-deep water. A bystander came and let them out the back of the SUV.

Neither knew how the bee got in the vehicle, which had all windows closed at the time. Both walked away with no serious injuries. 

The Saginaw County Sheriff's Department and Albee Township firefighters were among those called to respond, Saginaw County 911 said. 

Officials were not immediately available for additional information.

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(NOTE: "If someone you know is allergic to bees and one lands on them... PLEASE DON'T SWAT! Bees are just curious and outside the hive they are docile unless provoked. The best thing to do is REMAIN CALM. Don't make sudden movements that will agitate the bee. In this case the woman should have pulled over and calmly removed herself and her daughter from the car. Swatting at someone who has a bee on them is just asking for trouble." Thanks to The Bees Knees FB page for the above comment.)