LACBA Beekeeping Class 101 - Class #8 - Sunday, October 16, 2016

Class #8 of the 2016 Season of LACBA Beekeeping Class 101 is Sunday, October 16, 2016, 9AM-Noon at Bill's Bees Bee Yard. Topics covered will be: Keeping your bees alive through the dearth. BEE SUITS REQUIRED. Look forward to seeing you at BEE CLASS! All are Welcome! All you need to know about the class is listed below. /beekeeping-classes-losangeles/

For all who have NOT been attending our Beekeeping Class 101 and have inquired about coming to the October 16, 2016 class and DO NOT HAVE A BEE SUIT, here's a note from the Beekeeper: "I do not think this is the best class for someone new to start with. I would tell these people to plan to attend in 2017 if we offer a new series of classes starting in Feb. If they can't wait, they can probably buy suits from The Valley Hive. BEE SUITS ARE REQUIRED!!!