CSBA Annual Convention November 16, 2016

CSBA Facebook    Published by Joy Pendell   November 15, 2016  
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This gentleman, Dr. Nick Naeger, just gave a fascinating presentation about using
a natural mushroom fungi that will attack and kill varroa without hurting the bees.
The preliminary results look very promising! This is the type of cutting-edge, novel
research the CSBA is proud to support. Become a member today and be part of the progress!

One distressing piece of news shared at the CSBA convention is the new FDA rules
regarding the labeling of honey. The FDA would like us to label the natural sugar
in honey as "added sugar" because eating honey adds sugar to one's diet.
Our industry is very concerned that this new rule will lead to confusion, making
our customers think we are adulterating natural honey with outside sugar.
This is not the case!!! Hopefully we can work with the FDA to fix this problem.
In this photo, Brett Barkman discusses the implications of the new labeling rules.

 Thanks to Dr. Dennis Van Engelsdorp for his entertaining and educational keynote
presentation at today's Research Luncheon. Thank you also to Barkman Honey
for sponsoring the luncheon and ensuring that all money raised goes straight back
into research. We have a strong network of involved, enthusiastic and
generous beekeepers at the CSBA.

If you're a beekeeper, you can identify with this attitude towards the varroa mite
(although Dr. Van Engelsdorp did clarify they're not technically blood-sucking).
 More great speakers this morning! It was standing room only in some presentations.