Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Image: American Bee Journal - December, 1927
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Christmas Folklore and Traditions - Bees and Honey

-Pennsylvania Germans held the belief that on Christmas night between eleven and twelve, bees lose their numbness and crawl on the outside of the hive, no matter how cold or snowy the weather may be.

-One of the most enchanting of old English traditions is that even the bees must be wished a Merry Christmas and a sprig of shiny green and bright red holly must adorn each hive.

-A Ukraine custom is to sit down to honey and porridge on Christmas Eve, -they call it ‘koutia‘, Each dish is said to represent the Holy Crib. First porridge is put in, which represents putting straw in the manger; then each person helps himself to the honey and fruit, and that symbolizes the Christ Child. A place is made in the porridge, and then the honey and fruit are poured in; the fruit stands for the body of Christ and the honey for the spirit or the blood.