Arrest Made in Butte County Beehive Theft

7KRCR News    By Haleigh Pike    February 17, 2016

The Butte County Sheriff's Office said a man was arrested after stealing 64 beehives from Olivarez Honey Bees Inc. in Chico.

Officials said on Thursday, February 4, Olivarez Honey Bees Inc. reported that 64 beehives were stolen from a location in Chico. Officials said tire tracks left at the scene indicated that the suspect used a flatbed truck and a pull behind forklift to steal the hives. Officials added the hives were being kept behind a locked gate and the suspect cut the lock to access the area.

Butte County Deputies said on Saturday, February 6, the 64 stolen beehives were located in Stanislaus County, Ca. Officials said the hives were in the process of being rented through a bee broker to an almond grower in Oakdale, Ca. for almond pollination.

Officials said Jacob William Spath of Chico was found in possession of the beehives and was arrested by the Butte County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, February 17 for grand theft. Officials do not believe Spath is involved in or responsible for any other beehive thefts at this time.