Honey (The Controversy over Chinese Honey)

Note from LACBA Web Master, Eva Andrews: There's a lot of controversy over Chinese Honey. We post only information from reputable sources. The LACBA does not claim to know the facts. Our suggestion is to know your source of honey. A good way to do that is to purchase local honey from local beekeepers. See:
Article dated 2/16/16: "Chinese Honey Banned In Europe is Flooding US Grocery Shelves - Here's How To Know The Difference" from Magazine For Healthy Living. Article on LACBA: /home/2016/2/18/chinese-honey-banned-in-europe-is-flooding-us-grocery-shelve.html

On 2/25/16 the American Beekeeping Federation shared this article on their Facebook page:

Article dated 11/25/11: "Relax, Folks, It Really is Honey After All" from NPR.