20 Beautiful Flowers to Attract to Your Garden

Natural Living Ideas   By Sierra Bright    January 21, 2016

Bees, not just the honeybees, but bumblebees, soldier bees, carpenter bees, mason bees, sweat bees and several thousand other types, are essential to sustain our lives. One-third of the plants that provide us with food, especially vegetables and fruits, are pollinated by them. Bees and many flowering plants have co-evolved, so they need one another to survive; some flowers need particular kinds of bees for effective pollination and these bees need the nectar from these specific types of flowers.

We need the bees to get good yield from the crops in our vegetable gardens and from our fruit trees. Without bees, our agricultural world would be destroyed. However, as we build more cities and try to produce more food through intense agricultural practices, the bees are deprived of their habitat and food sources. The use of pesticides and other environmental pollutants are killing them off too.

Bees do not harm our crops. They are beneficial to us as well as the world around us. We can do our best to protect the environment and ensure our food supply by welcoming these pollinators into our garden.

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(Note: There's lots of excellent information on bee-friendly garening in this article. Suggest you check it out.)