Talk Bees May 21 & 22 at Wild for the Planet at the LA Zoo!

Great day for the ZOO! Head on over to the LA Zoo and learn about BEES May 21 & 22. Bees will be part of the Wild for the Planet Earth Day celebration at the Zoo event today. Ruth Askren of Bee Capture and other members of the LA County Beekeepers will be on hand to answer question about bees! Gonna be a fun day!  We're in the Eucalyptus Grove!!!

If you're an LACBA member and would like to be a part of the LA Zoo's “Wild for the Planet” Earth Day celebration, come spend a day at the zoo helping teach people about bees. Please contact Ruth Askren to sign up. Come meet people from the local beekeeping community!   Enjoy!

UPDATE - May 23, 2016

Thank you to:

The whole Mussenden Family
Ana Farrell
Holly Hawk
David Parker
Laura Quick
... who spent hours giving honey samples to visitors, answering questions about bees, and pointing out the wonders of the observation hive. "I love how the kids all got so excited to find a drone or the queen in the observation hive! We had fun!" ~ Ruth Askren

And a special Thank You to:

... for getting the LACBA involved in this wonderful Wild for the Planet Earth Day celebration at the LA Zoo (and for these photo memories).