Samuel Ramsey - 2017 UMD Three Minute Thesis Winner

(Note from LACBA: Back in October 2017, we posted this note: "Through our volunteer efforts at the Bee Booth at the LA County Fair the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association supports research through Project Apis m. Take a few minutes and vote for Samuel Ramsey @" Note from Project Apis m.: "Thank you for your support! This project alone has pretty big implications for our understanding of Varroa mites- beekeeper enemy #1! - Project Apis m. funded this important project, please vote and help Samuel Ramsey win this contest for his great work!")


2017 UMD Three Minute Thesis Winner is Samuel Ramsey

Interesting new research concerning Varroa mites. They seem to feed primarily on the fat body rather than on hemolymph (bee blood). This may influence control strategies in the future.