Saudi Man Aims to Break Bee Bearding World Record

The Nation     February 14, 2017

AL ARABIYA-Jeddah-Have you ever collected 20,000 bees and let them swarm over your face? A beekeeper from has done so and is working toward setting a world record. 

Zuhair Fattani, who has collected bees for more than 30 years and claims beekeepers develop some immunity from bee stings, has begun a practice of placing queen bees on his face in order to attract the bees to him.

His adventurous shot was demonstrated on a couple of photos recently and he says that he is preparing for a new challenge to reclaim the world record.

The apiculturist, who started honey farming as a hobby three decades ago, owns three honey farms including a portable bee colony containing 1,200 different types of bee hives. For honey-bees to produce honey, they consume pollen and nectar from a variety of flowers that blossom in difference seasons, he said, adding that worker honey-bees have a life span of only six weeks during honey production seasons. As for the queens, who are fed with royal jelly, live for an average of six years.