Hives for Sale

$50 Bees! I have two hives each with 1 deep and 1 medium brood boxes. Both hives were purchased as packages to start this season from Bill's Bees. One of the queens needed to be requeened from a reliable source. Both hives doing great and very viable. Moving and need to find a new home for the bees. I'm asking for $50 so I can replace the frames that will go to the new home. You will need to come pickup (Canyon Country, CA) and provide hives, etc. for transportation as I can give you the deep and medium frames (20 each size total). They have not yet been treated for Varroa and will need that ASAP. Well cared for, but have not been inside the hive for the past two weeks. Reach out to me via messenger and we will set something up. Looking for a good home for my girls. Thanks! Contact: Michael Ruskow 818-970-0420 (cell).