LACBA Beekeeping Class 101 begins Sunday, February 18, 2018, 9AM-Noon, at The Valley Hive

The Los Angeles County Beekeepers Assocition Beekeeping Class 101
Sunday, February 18, 2018 from 9:00AM-Noon, at The Valley Hive.

Get there early so you can find a place to park. Bring a chair, and paper and pencil for taking notes.

Beekeeping Class 101 is the entire session of beekeeping classes: February through October 2018 (No class in September). We highly suggest you begin in February and continue through all the classes. Although you are welcome to come in the middle of the season of classes, you will have missed out on valuable information.

All the information you need in order to attend our Beekeeping Class 101 is posted on our website: /beekeeping-classes-losangeles/. We do not send out notifications of changes in dates, schedule, times, locations. The first two classes will be held at: 10538 Topanga Canyon, Chatsworth, CA. The location for the rest of the classes TBD.