LACBA Meeting: Monday, March 5, 2018

Our next meeting will be held Monday, March 5, 2018.
Open Board Meeting: 6:30PM
General Meeting: 7:00PM
Mount Olive Lutheran Church (Shilling Hall)
3561 Foothill Blvd.
La Crescenta, CA 91214

Meetings of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association are open to the public. All are welcome!


March 5, 2018

1.  Committee meeting  6:30PM

a.  By Laws. Mary Ann Soifer?

b.  Membership. Cheryl

c.  Education. Linda heading up 5 volunteers

d.  Website. Eva new website?

e.  Fair. Cindy

f.  Correspondence

g.  Mentoring ?

h.  Beekeeping 101?

2.  Monthly meeting 7:00PM

a.  Welcome

b.  Flag Salute

c.  Introduce the board

d.  Select Raffle ticket seller, index cards for questions

e.  New Members and/or guests

f.  Thank Doug Noland  for the treat du jour

g.  Old business

.  Treasurer's Report
.  Package bees coming in April for Fair volunteers
.  Committee report / formation

1.  By Laws
2.  Membership
3.  Education
4.  Website
5.  Fair. Literature?
6.  Corresponcence?
7.  Mentoring?
8.  Beekeeping 101.

a.  Feb we had 250 people attend with 137 new memberships. Tried a rotation of groups around stations, as Pomona’s Mark Haag does, seemed to work better that an amphitheater classroom type setting. 

b.  In the future, we will need more volunteers to move the groups around so that all stations are seen.

h.  Topic: Almond Pollination

.  Who has gone to central valley to experience Almond Pollination?  Eva, Robert, Bill.
.  Then, who relies on pollination fees?  Shawn, Dave, Keith, Bill, Jeremy, ElRay who else?
.  If you want to experience this, ask one of these people if you can come to pick the bees up. Some have full trucks but others not.

i.   Announcements

j.   Convention Reports- part 3

k.  New Business?

l.  Seasonal Update:

.  What are you doing this time of year, what do you see in your hives?
.  What is flowering? Instagram, observations + samples. . .

m.  Q&A- pass index cards forward

n.  Review agenda and goals for next month –

o.  Raffle