LACBA 2018 Golden Hive Tool Award Presented to Dave Williams

Congratulations to Dave Williams for receiving the
Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association 2018 Golden Hive Tool Award!

Dave Williams, 2018 Golden Hive Tool Award

Dave Williams, 2018 Golden Hive Tool Award

Each year the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association presents the Golden Hive Tool Award to a member who shows curiosity and growth in working with bees or who has shown good service to our club.

At our January 7, 2019 LACBA Membership Meeting, the 2018 Golden Hive Tool Award was presented to LACBA member, Dave Williams.

Dave grew up in Pasadena and his high school time was spent at a wonderful college preparatory school which offered an independent studies program nurturing growing young adults in art, natural history, academics, athletics and independent study programs. One of his professors kept bees. Dave was stung, both literally and figuratively, and his honeybee beekeeping began.

In the 70’s he went to work for the LA Honey Company.

Dave began a career in the aerospace industry as a mechanic repairing airplane instruments. He was a VW mechanic, repairing communication equipment for the military.

Since the 90’s Dave has volunteered at the Bee Booth at the Los Angeles County Fair and has kept the bees alive in the indoor observation hive during the fair. Now Dave not only helps organize and manage the Bee Booth, but volunteers for a full week of managing not only the bee booth but the volunteers during his time at the booth.

In 1993 he set up and ran an Africanized honey bee booth, explaining and demystifying the Africanized honey bee.

Dave was instrumental in changing the regulations for keeping honey bees in the City of Pasadena.

Like many of our members, Dave said the heck with the 9 to 5 work day and set out to make a living keeping and removing bee swarms.

Dave and his wife, Mary, raised three children (one of them allergic to bees), and are now proud grandparents.

We’d like to thank Dave Williams for being a long time member of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association, and for his dedication and service to the LACBA, to bees, beekeeping, and beekeepers.