LACBA Meeting Monday, May 6, 2019

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Next Meeting
Monday, May 6, 2019
Time: Doors Open: 6:30PM
Meeting Starts: 7:00PM

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 
3561 Foothill Boulevard 
La Crescenta, CA  91214


a.      Welcome

b.     Flag Salute

c.      Introduce the board Kevin Vice president, Merrill Secretary, ElRay Member at large and I your president.   Bill our treasurer passed away March 26th.   We will have a remembrance tonight at the end of the meeting.

d.     Select Raffle ticket seller, index cards for questions

e.      New Members and/or guests

f.       Thank Doug Noland for the treat du jour

First/Second year beekeeping - Speaker (7 minutes)
A selected beekeeper, Murry, to speak on how they got into beekeeping and their first two years of beekeeping. Specifically, on the mistakes made, the trials, tribulations, problems.

Topic Speaker
Rob Stone, Orange County Beekeepers
Reading the frames.  What you can tell about your bees from the clues on the frame.

Main Topic: Receiving your Packages

  • How’d it go?

  • How many gallons of syrup have they ate?

  • Have you opened them other than sliding lid for syrup addition?

  • April 25th  it’s been 11 days so should be inspecting yesterdayish eggs? Larva? capped brood?    What’s your plan?  Swarm control?

Meeting minutes: Mary Ann Laun

Secretary Report: Merrill Kruger

Treasurer's Report.    Jon Reese

Membership Report:  Cheryl Thiele

Website: Eva Andrews

Education: Mary Landau –  opportunities to go speak.   

I have a request.  Someone to go along to a community meeting about beekeepers and their pesky bees in the area.  I want some one to buffer me (and maybe me them) when I explain the beekeeping ordinance legalizing bees and how homeowners can move neighbors to comply with the ordinance. (Get the state apiary inspector’s number) explain bees foraging

Beekeeping 101: Keith Roberts. How did bee class go and what’s in the next class

Upcoming events:

  • Eaton canyon nature center is having a one-day event.  June 2nd.   Educate.  Observation hive sell honey. Partner with BASC.  Who will bring an observation hive?  We have honey 50 bears (?more bears?) and sticks  and sample spoons.  Need banner & pamphlets

  • Elray  Bennett’s honey Farm event. May be a donation to our club is in order for showing up and manning the train from Bennett’s

LA County Fair: Cindy Caldera

Upcoming Talk: Michele Colopy Pollinator Stewardship June 3rd  talk on Migratory beekeeping and why it is so hard to keep bees alive.

How can you increase the production of propolis in your colonies which will increase the health of the hive.  Propolis trap on the walls, saw cutting rips into the walls or roughing up walls with steel brush. 

What do you see, what are you doing this time of year?  Swarms? 

What’s blooming

Index cards Q&A

Next month:  Splits, mite check-treat, honey flow?


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