LACBA Meeting: Monday, June 3, 2019

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Next LACBA Meeting
Monday, June 3, 2019
Doors Open: 6:30PM (Club Discussion)
Meeting Starts: 7:00PM
All are Welcome!

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 
3561 Foothill Boulevard 
La Crescenta, CA  91214

LACBA Meeting Minutes - May 6, 2019


Meet and Greet - 6:30pm

Discussion - 6:45pm
Paying for volunteers at Honey Harvest Festival 6:45

Volunteer limit of 5 packages as per state employee definition

Membership Meeting - 7:00pm

a. Welcome

b. Flag Salute

c. Introduce the board Kevin Vice president, Merrill Secretary, ElRay Member at large and I your president. Bill our treasurer passed away March 26th. We will have a remembrance tonight at the end of the meeting.

d. Select Raffle ticket seller, index cards for questions

e. New Members and/or guests

f. Thank Doug Noland for the treat du jour

First/Second year beekeeping - 7 minute Speaker

Cindy will give us a fireside chat. How you got into beekeeping and on the mistakes made, the trials, tribulations, problems of their first two years of beekeeping.

Topic Speaker

Michele Colopy is the program director for the Pollinator Stewardship Council whose mission is to defend managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impact of pesticides. She will be addressing tonight Migratory Beekeeping and why keeping them alive is so difficult.


How are the new package bees looking? Does anyone have A package with drawn comb and a package on foundation…to see the difference.

April 25th it’s been 39 days so new bees coming out for some 18 days?

How many bees do you see in the hive? When you open, how many frames are covered with bees. 8 frames? Is when you’ll add another box? What’s your plan? Swarm control? Treat?


Meeting Minutes - Mary Ann Laun

Secretary Report - Merrill Kruger

Treasurer's Report – Jon Reese

Membership Report – Cheryl Thiele

Website Report – Eva Andrews

Education Report - Mary Landau – opportunities to educate.

Beekeeping 101 - Keith. How did bee class go and what’s in the next class


1. Eaton Canyon Nature Center - We Love Bees! Report!

2. ElRay Ench - Honey Harvest Festival Update.

3. Cindy Caldera - LA County Fair Bee Booth. We need to gather literature, seeds, posters, bags, etc

July Speaker
Beekeeping in South Africa next month by a Beekeeping Family that worked bees in that area.

What’s blooming

Index cards Q&A

Next month with Bees Splits, mite check-treat, honey flow?

Raffle!!! Remember to bring raffle items!