LACBA Meeting: Monday, August 5, 2019

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Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association
Next LACBA Meeting: Monday, August 5, 2019
Doors Open: 6:30PM (Club Discussion)
Meeting Starts: 7:00PM
All are Welcome!

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 
3561 Foothill Boulevard 
La Crescenta, CA  91214


August 5, 2019:
Meet and greet 6:30

                  Queen Stickers getting 2 types

                  Volunteer limit of 5 packages as per state employee definition

Monthly meeting 7:00               

a.      Welcome

b.     Flag Salute

c.      Introduce Members of the Board: Kevin Vice President, Merrill Secretary, Danny treasurer, El Rey Member at large, and I your President.  

d.     Select Raffle ticket seller, index cards for questions

e.      New Members and/or guests

f.       Thank Doug Noland for the treat du jour

First/Second year beekeeping - 7-minute Speaker

 Topic Speaker

 The unknown beekeeper vacationed in Argentina and got roped into helping a beekeeper there. 


Been 14 weeks near 5 brood cycles. How do they look? How many bees do you see in the hive?  When you open, how many frames are covered with bees.  8 frames? Is when you’ll add another box?   What’s your plan?  Swarm control?   Treatments? 

Meeting minutes: Mary Ann

Secretary Report: Merrill

Treasurer's Report:   Danny

Membership:  Cheryl

Website: Eva

Education:  Mary – opportunities to educate.   

Beekeeping 101: Keith - How did bee class go and what’s in the next class     

Upcoming events

 Cindy. LA County Fair. We need to gather literature, seeds, posters, bags, volunteers.

 What’s blooming?

Index cards Q&A

Next month:  Splits

(Please remember to bring something for the raffle.)