2017 Hive Registration & Notification Links for LA County

LACBA Webmaster     Eva Andrews     12/8/2016

Persons registering their Apiary in Los Angeles County must do so before December 31, 2016.

The 2017 Apiary Registration Form and 2017 Apiary Registration Notification link to files on our LACBA website. They have been provided to us by Conrad Burton, Inspector, LA County Apiary/AHB/Haz Mat Programs Pesticide Regulation Division. When the LA County Apiary links are active on the County website, they will be posted on our LACBA website. If you have a problem accessing the links on our website, PLEASE DO NOT contact the LA County Apiary Inspector, CONTACT LACBA Webmaster at evaandrews2@gmail.com. If you have questions regarding hive registration, please do not contact our Webmaster, see our Hive Registration page or contact Conrad Burton, Apiary Inspector. His information is on our Hive Registration page. Thank you!)

2017 Apiary Registration Form (Print out, fill out, return with appropriate fee. Form is revised yearly.)  

2017 Apiary Registration Notification (Contains valuable information.)

Registration in California:

Anyone who keeps bees in California must register with their local County Agricultural Commissioner (CAC) on a yearly basis. There are many reasons to make sure your bees are "on the books."  Your County Agricultural Commissioner can be of assistance in:

  • dealing with neighbors and local regulatory agencies
  • notifications about local pesticide/herbicide applications
  • referrals for swarm captures if you want them 

At a nominal fee per beekeeper, regardless of the number of colonies or apiaries, it's well worth it.

Regarding the City of Los Angeles: Although we have some helpful information on our Hive Registration page regarding the City of Los Angeles, you will need to contact the City of Los Angeles for their regulations.  

For more information visit the LACBA Hive Registration page.