The UK's Immersive Hive World Expo Pavillion Simulates a Real Live Beehive  By Tafline Laylin  May 2, 2015

The UK pavilion is one of the first pavilions to open at Milan's 2015 World Expo and we are buzzing. Designed by Wolfgang ButtressBDPTristan Simmonds and constructed by Stage One, the soaring 1,910 square meter pavilion simulates a real beehive. "Grown in Britain and Northern Ireland," the pavilion also expresses the role research and technology can play to address food security and biodiversity. And bees, as we all know by now, are absolutely central to this conversation. Flip through our gallery of photographs depicting the UK's interpretation of this year's expo theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and find more details after the jump.

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