BUZZ: The Science and Necessity of Bees by Thor Hanson

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Credit: Getty ImagesThe Science and Necessity of Bees
by Thor Hanson

Bees have been in the spotlight since the emergence about a decade ago of a mysterious bee ailment dubbed “colony collapse disorder,” now responsible for the loss of millions of U.S. hives. The crisis brought attention to the benefits bees bring to humans, but long before they received such notice, the insects were vital to our own species. Through his engaging first-person narrative, biologist Hanson tells the full story of bees: They evolved from carnivorous wasps during the time of dinosaurs, opting for the protein-rich pollen of flowers with which they coevolved. Bees developed fuzz to better trap and transport pollen from flower to flower, and the structure of many flowers evolved to suit specific pollinators. The insects' honey has been an essential food source since the dawn of humankind and has been adapted to everything from alcohol to medicine.

Scientific American August 2018 Issue

Pollinator Protection: A Bee & Pesticide Handbook

Wicwas Press 

Authors or Editors: Carl A. Johansen; Daniel F. Mayer
Ideal For: All Beekeepers; Farmers; Scientists; Educators; Pesticide Applicators

Back by popular demand, Pollinator Protection: A Bee & Pesticide Handbook is a summary of extensive laboratory research and field testing of insecticides and other pesticides on honey bees and other bee pollinators. The authors review miticides and other chemicals used by beekeepers, as well as those commonly used in the agricultural industry. This is a faithful reprint and, though the chemicals used may have changed since its original publication in 1990, the lessons and protection techniques described herein are well applied to current practices.

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