Bee Jamboree!

City of Ventura Public Art Program    June 18, 2018


I am writing to you on behalf of the City of Ventura’s Public Art Program.  We are putting together an event called the Bee Jamboree at the Barranca Vista Imagination Center on Wednesday, August 15, 2018, from 4-6:30 pm. This event will be hosted in celebration of our City’s newest installation of public art entitled Bee Cause by artist MB Hanrahan in collaboration with many artists and creative community members.  This work was inspired by the plight of the North American Honey Bee and to create awareness about the importance of bees to our planet. MB has created a garden made from painted repurposed donated hubcaps on a metal mesh with bee sculptures among flower patches. The installation fits beautifully into the Barranca Vista Center, which is the ‘hub’ of creative, enriching, educational, and physical activities for young and old on the east end of Ventura. So much happens here, it’s a hive of activity. Bee Cause will strengthen Ventura’s livability by connecting symbolic cooperation of bees with cooperation among humans.

We hope to create a celebration that recognizes the art and educates the community about the importance of bees, how we can support them, and what they do for our community.  

We are seeking interested and various bee-friendly vendors such as beekeepers, honey soirees, bees wax candlemakers, bee friendly garden experts, or/and bee educators. We’d like to offer the community honey tasting, garden demonstrations, opportunity to see a live beehive, and anything else bee related. If you have an interest or if you know of someone who is interested in setting up a booth and sharing your passion and  bee expertise, please fill out the attached Participation Form and contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration!


Tobie Roach
Public Art Project Manager
Parks. Recreation & Community Partnerships Department
City of Ventura, 501 Poli Street, room 218, Ventura CA 93001

Bee Jamboree Participation Form