Bees Swarm, Kill Man Cutting Grass

USA Today  By Jim Douglas     June 10, 2015

SODA SPRINGS CREEK, Texas — Bees attacked a man mowing his neighbor's vacant lot, killing him, authorities said Tuesday.

Dee Daugherty, 65, was mowing his neighbor's lot Sunday to repay a favor in this small community about 60 miles west of Fort Worth. Constable Gary Morris thinks that Daugherty might have bumped a small shed, not knowing a large hive was behind the plywood wall.

Part of the hive fell. A cloud of bees flew out.

"You can see down at the bottom. There's a little bit of hive right down here," Morris said. "There were thousands of bees."

Daugherty apparently tried to get away, Morris said.

"Actually, (he) went out another 30 feet that way. They swarmed him over there," the constable said. "Mr. Daugherty had to get off and go by foot over to his house where his wife tried to take care of him until they called 911."

Two neighbors, one of them a nurse, rushed to help. One neighbor who tried to help said Daugherty was extremely swollen in his face and neck.

He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Morris said. His official cause of death has not yet been determined.

A beekeeper told Morris that the insects do not appear to be aggressive, Africanized bees. The bees will be tested, but the beekeeper easily moved the hive to another location.

Friends say Dee Daugherty lived here along the Brazos River for many years. Morris said everyone knew him.

"You can drive up this road almost any time, and Dee would be out doing something," Morris said. "He was always out there working."

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