Top-Bar Beekeeping

 A new book on beekeeping - just in time for the Holidays!  Yeah!!!

"Top-Bar Beekeeping, Organic Practices for Honeybee Health" by Les Crowder and Heather Harrell. Pub. 8/2012 by Chelsea Green.

"Top-Bar Beekeeping" is a guide to help people interested in natural or treatment free beekeeping to build a topbar hive, fill it with bees, and manage the hive to produce honey, beeswax, pollination and joyful respect for honeybees.

“As beekeepers, we are intimately tied to our environment and the symptoms of its degradation. … Without pollinators, our current population cannot survive and, similarly, without our support and protection, pollinators cannot survive.” — from Topbar Beekeeping

“This is an excellent guide for hobby beekeepers who wish to keep bees using top-bar hives. Drawing on his more than 30 years of beekeeping experience in New Mexico, author Les Crowder describes in detail the special comb management techniques that this low-cost, but relatively intensive, form of beekeeping requires. Top-Bar Beekeeping also provides an eloquent appeal for beekeepers to make care, respect, and reverence the foundation of their relationships with the bees.”    
—Thomas D. Seeley, Cornell University; author of Honeybee Democracy and the Wisdom of the Hive

To read more reviews and find out more about "Top-Bar Beekeeping" visit the authors' website at: You can also purchase a copy there as well.