"Celebrating 125 Years of California Beekeeping"

 “Celebrating 125 Years of California Beekeeping”

      Commemorative Poster

24” x 18” $20.00 (For Sale at the Convention)

From the original oil painting

 “Working the Bees”

 By Jane Thorpe

 20” x 24” (For Auction at the Convention)

CSBA President, Bill Lewis, commissioned Southern California, award winning, plein air painter,
Jane Thorpe, to create this beautiful original oil painting specifically for the
125th Anniversary of the California State Beekeepers Association.

Bill says, “
What inspired this painting in my mind is the quote by John Muir from
"The Mountains of California" Ch.16 'The Bee-Pastures':

‘When California was wild it was one sweet bee-garden throughout its entire length,

north and south, and all the way across from the snowy Sierra to the ocean.’  -John Muir 

We can only dream about those bygone days.

That combined with my love of old trucks and my old dilapidated 1951 Ford C600 sitting out back.  
That truck is ripe for a restoration.  Anyone interested?”

 “Working the Bees” will be unveiled and up for auction at the 2014 CSBA Convention. 

 Proceeds from the painting will be donated to honey bee research.

http://janethorpeart.com/     http://jane-thorpe.artistwebsites.com/

Poster Graphics by Cindy Henderson