LACBA Members at the 2016 CSBA Convention

From November 15-17, 2016, over 20 members of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association joined over 300 beekeepers for the 127th Annual Calfornia State Beekeepers Association convention at the Kona-Kai Resort in San Diego, CA. What a great time we had mingling with commercial & backyard beekeepers to learn more about honey bees and beekeeping. We heard about the latest bee research from some of the top educators and researchers in the industry. Vendors were on hand demonstrating the latest beekeeping equipment and supplies.    

This is one of the best bee conferences in the country and we look forward to next year. We had a wonderful time and hope you can join us. Check out our photo album on our LACBA Facebook page.  

 Some of our LACBA members gather outside the Kona-Kai

 LACBA members check out the newest Hummerbee!

CSBA Awards Banquet 

(Note: Thank you to everyone for the great pictures for our CSBA 2016 Photo Albumon our LACBA Facebook Page: Eva Andrews, Robin Finkelstein, Bill Lewis, Misty Mussenden, Joy Pendell, Bill Rathfelder, and Jon Reese.)  

2016 CSBA Convention: November 14, 2016

 CSBA Facebook    Published by Joy Pendell   November 15, 2016  For more images and comments:

Opening up our annual CSBA convention with the President's reception! Looking forward to
a day full of great speakers tomorrow. If you're in the San Diego area, come on by!

CSBA Annual Convention November 15-17, 2016

November 15 - 17, 2016 - 2016 California State Beekeepers Association Annual Convention

Come join us for the 2016 annual CSBA convention in beautiful San Diego, California! Learn about the latest research, trade ideas with fellow beekeepers, and explore innovative products at the Tradeshow. Come early and stay late to take in all that San Diego and the luxurious Kona Kai Resort & Spa has to offer. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Special Convention rates will be available.

Beekeepers to Discuss Their Future in Lake Tahoe   By Kathryn Reed    11/18/13

Survival of the honeybee is of much greater importance than whether or not there will be honey on store shelves.

“We are having a hard time keeping bees alive … mostly the honeybees,” John Miller, president of the California State Beekeepers Association, told Lake Tahoe News. “Domestic honeybees are the global champions of pollination and honey production. They may be the most beneficial insect on Earth.”

But their habitat is shrinking as farmers plant nonnative crops that then take away areas for bees to forage.

Some of this is happening in North Dakota – one of three locations where Miller operates Miller Honey Farms. (The other locales are in Newcastle in Placer County and in Idaho.) North Dakota farmers are planting soybeans and corn on land that once was “summertime pasture for bees in California.”

This is one of the topics that will be discussed Nov. 19-21 during the state organization’s annual meeting at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.

“We are the gatekeepers of the food supply. Thirty percent of what people now eat in America is directly traceable to honeybees,” Miller said.

The afternoon session on Nov. 19 will be about improving access for honeybees as well as the link between bees and almonds. Miller said the two are co-dependent.

“Without the bees, the almond industry will not continue to thrive and prosper, and without the almond industry, the beekeeper business model will fail,” Miller said.

What people are putting on their crops is of importance too, because bees consume pesticides and herbicides. Even the average homeowner should avoid applying pesticides in the middle of the day when “pollinators are visiting.”

Miller says the domestic-European honeybee is the most productive bee. All fruits with a pit benefit from them, as do pumpkins, kiwis, apples and berries, to name a few foods.

“As we become more wealthy as a planet, we improve our diet. As we improve our diet, we buy more of the foods that are dependent on bees for pollination,” Miller said. Without bees, he said, people will be eating a whole lot more corn and rice.

What groups like his can do is advocate for conservation programs to be reinstated. Miller said for various reasons a lot of public land is not available to beekeepers.

“We have to be the voice for our living. There is no government program,” Miller said.

He pointed to the Placer Land Trust as an entity that has been good to beekeepers. The group planted a seed mix that is a benefit for native species and pollinators.

While bees on their own fly from area to area pollinating plants and creating nectar, it is the beekeepers like Miller and his brethren who bring the bees in large numbers to farmers.

They are portable as they happily live in a hive. Some people are hobbyists, while others make a living as beekeepers. It’s not unheard for a beekeeper to have 10,000 hives.

The beekeepers can then make honey, which comes from just about every state. Flavors are all over the board, and this is because the bees are foraging on so many different plants.

Some facts about honey from Miller:

• Honey is the only food consumed by humans that is produced by an insect.

• The average honeybee will make only one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

• To make 1 pound of honey bees travel as far as 55,000 miles, getting nectar from more than 2 million flowers.

• A colony produces 60 to 100 pounds of honey a year.

LACBA Buzzings!!! Newsletter from January 7, 2013 Meeting

Buzzings!!! Newsletter from our January 2013 Meeting is now ready for your reading enjoyment. Thank you to LACBA Secretary, Stacy McKenna, on a wonderful job. Some of the topics include: Recap and Member Reports on the CSBA Convention, Beekeeping Classes 101 begin February 17, Africanized Bees, and much more. Welcome to all the new attendees. Our next meeting on February 4th feature's a report on the ABF Convention in PA, from Clyde Steese, former LACBA President.

CSBA Convention Nov. 12-15, 2012 (Thursday, Nov. 15 Schedule)

CSBA Convention Thursday, Nov. 15:
8:00am Registration & Exhibits Open 
8:30am CSBA Annual Business Meeting
10:00-10:25 Exhibitors’ Break  Sponsored by Global Patty

Main Sessions
Introductions by John Miller
10:30 “Completed and Ongoing Research at the Laidlaw Bee Research Facility” – Brian Johnson,               University of California, Davis

11:15 “Monsanto’s Commitment to Honey Bee Health” – Jerry Hayes, Beeologics (Monsanto)
12:00-2:00 CSBA Ladies Auxilary Business Meeting & Luncheon

Main Sessions:
Introductions by Russell Heitkam  
1:30 “Nosema Ceranae Infection in Honey Bee Larvae, Workers, and Queen-like Adults” – James Nieh, University of California, San Diego
2:15 “How Many Colonies per Acre are Needed for Almond Pollination?” – Frank Eischen, USDA, Welasco, TX
3:00-3:25 Exhibitors’ Break  Sponsored by Global Patty and Dadant
3:30 Exhibits Close
3:30 “Using Formic Acid for Mite Control” – Brent Woodworth, Frank Pendell, Bob Miller  
4:00 “Almond Pollination Panel” – Joe Traynor, Gordon Wardell, Pat Heitkam
6:00 Social Hour & Silent Auction
7:00 Annual Banquet, Awards & Auction

Concurrent Sessions "Bridging the Gap, Sideliner to Full Timer":
Introductions by Clyde Steese 
1:30 Beekeeping Beyond the Backyard - Roger Everett 
2:00 TBA Geoge Hansen, ABF President 
3:30 Virus Monitoring - Dave Wick, BVS, Inc.
4:15 Questions & Answers - Jerry Hayes, American Bee Journal's "The Classroom" 

CSBA Convention Nov. 12-15, 2012 (Wednesday, Nov. 14 Schedule)

CSBA Convention Wednesday, Nov. 14:
7:00am American Sioux Honey Association Breakfast
8:00am Registration & Exhibits Open 

Main Session Schedule
Introductions by Brad Pankratz
8:00am Importation of Honey Bee Germplasm in 2012 - Steve Sheppard, WSU
8:45am Germplasm Cryopreservation & Progress in Above Freezing Storage of Bee Semen - Brandon Hopkins, WSU
9:00am ABF Update - George Hansen, ABF President
9:15am Project Apis m. Update - Christi Heintz
9:45am Exhibitors Break - Sponsored by Haagan Dazs, Bees Free 

Introductions by Brock Ashurst
10:15am Winter Feeding in Preparation for Almond Pollination - Frank Eischen, USDA ARS Bee Research Lab, Welasco, TX
11:00am Almond Industry Update - Bob Curtis, Almond Board of California
11:15am AHPA Update - Randy Verhoek, AHPA Vice President, Bismark, ND
11:30am Legislative Update - Holly Fraumeni, Platinum Advisors & Jackie Park-Burris
12:45pm Research Luncheon "Beekeeping in a Flat World - How to Catch Your Neighbor's Cold"
               -Jeff Pettis, USDA  ARS Honey Bee Laboratory, Beltsville, MD
3:00pm  Auction Benefiting Honey Bee Research
7:00pm  Resolution Committee Meeting chaired by Roger Everett
7:30pm  Research Commitee Meeting chaired by David Bradshaw 

Concurrent Sessions: - "Bridging the Gap, Sideliner to Full Timer":
Introductions by Bill Lewis
8:30am Keeping Your Bees in the Hive - Eric Mussen, UC Davis
9:15am Small Scale Queen Rearing - Randy Oliver
10:45am How to Make and Install Package Bees - Richard Ashurst
11:30am Managing Your Honey Crop - Josh Cowen

CSBA Convention Highlights (Tuesday, Nov. 13)

Highlights from the CSBA Convention for Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Honey Bee Nutrition -  Dr. Eric Mussen, UC Davis

We have so far not found a good substitute food for our bees. Current products are a good supplement, but not sufficient to replace natural honey and pollen.

Definition of nutrition: provision to cells of nutrients required to sustain life.


- Proteins can be digestible or indigestible (fiber). They’re made of amino acids and folded very specifically based on the electrical charge of the elements involved – the folding pattern is crucial for...

Read more... 

CSBA Convention Nov. 12-15, 2012 (Tuesday, Nov. 13 Schedule)

CSBA Convention Tuesday, Nov. 13:
8:00am Registration & Exhibits Open
8:30am Opening Ceremonies
9:00am Sponsor Recognition
9:15am Brief Reports on Standing Committees 
10:00am Exhibition Break - Sponsored by A&O Fork Lift & Used Pallet Co.  

Main Session Schedule, Tuesday, Nov. 13:

Introductions by: Buzz Landon
10:30am Honey Bee Nutrition - Eric Mussen, UCD
11:15am North American Pollinator Protection Campaign - Laurie Davies Adams, Ex. Dir., San Francisco, CA
11:45am National Honey Board Report - Bruce Boynton, CEO
1:15pm Presention by Gold Sponsor Mann Lake Ltd.
1:30pm Epidemiological Analyses of Bee Health Data - Dennis van Engelsdorp, Univ. of Maryland
2:15pm Failing Queens and Pheromone Signals in Queen Health - Jeff Pettis, Beltsville Bee Lab
3:30pm   The Current State of the Science on Beekeeping & New Research Findings - Randy Oliver
4:15pm Marketing Your Honey Directly to the Consumer - Gene Brandi, Don Burkett, Ala & Erika Mikolich

CSBA Convention Nov. 12-15, 2012

2012 CSBA Annual Convention (Nov. 12-15, 2012)
Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa at Cabazon, CA (website | map)

Monday, November  12, 2012:
3:00 pm CSBA Board of Directors’ Meeting  Owl Room
7:00 pm President’s Reception - 360 Room
Sponsored by Beekeeping Insurance Services & Mann Lake

For more info:

A Gathering of Beekeepers

Bug Squad - Happenings in the Insect World   By Kathy Keatley Garvey  11/9/12

It will be a gathering of beekeepers next week in California.

And it promises to be informative, educational and inspiring.

Assistant professor Brian Johnson and Extension apiculturist Eric Mussen of the UC Davis Department of Entomology will speak at the 2012 California State Beekeepers...


Visit the Kathy Keatley Garvey Bug Squad blog at:
Visit the Kathy Keatley Garvey website at:

CSBA Convention

CSBA Convention Nov. 13-15, 2012 at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, Cabazon, CA. Registrations are fast approaching!

By October 22 (this Monday!), you need to have made your hotel reservations if you want the CSBA rate.  

Pre-registration for the Convention itself is possible only through October 31.

By all indications, this will be a great convention.  Act now, the clock is running!

Visit the CBSA website for more information.


CSBA New Website

Check out the fabulous new website from the California State Beekeepers Association!

You now will have the ability to register your membership and your Annual Convention registration straight from the website.  Simple and easy.

They have the latest information for the Convention and other useful news that effects the beekeeping industry here in California and the nation.

Be sure to check out their Convention Sponsors page.

So explore the new website. 

We will see you at the CSBA Annual Meeting and Convention at Morongo Resort and Casino, November 13-15, 2012.