2016 CSBA Convention: November 14, 2016

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Opening up our annual CSBA convention with the President's reception! Looking forward to
a day full of great speakers tomorrow. If you're in the San Diego area, come on by!

CSBA: Next Gen Beekeepers Breakout - Nov 18

Calling all beekeepers in their 20's and 30's! There's a Next Gen Beekeepers Breakout session at the California State Beekeepers Association Conference, and we want you there! Join us for free beer, some desert, live music, and an opportunity to connect with other young beekeepers.

A January 23rd article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “More Beekeepers Sour on Profession as Winter Die-Offs Continue,” is an all-too familiar sentiment moving through the beekeeping industry. To keep a colony thriving, recruitment must outnumber loss. With the average age of beekeepers nearing 70, and only 8% under the age of 40 (Bee Culture, 2007, Flottum), we are not headed for success. The Next Generation Beekeepers Initiative is aiming to amend this trend, by not just simply listing problems in the beekeeping industry, but identifying real solutions and pairing them with action.

The night will kick-off with beer, desert, and live music by beekeeper Ben Sallmann's jazz/funk band - then we'll get down to the nitty gritty. I'll share what the group came up with in Missoula and Boulder, then we'll spend time putting our present thoughts and experiences down, and come up with the building blocks of a "strategic" plan and a few action items for the coming year.

Your co-facilitators for the evening are next gen beekeepers, Sarah Red-Laird, Katie Lee, Elizabeth Frost, and Steve Marquette. See below for bios, and we hope to hoist a pint for bees and beekeepers with you in November at CSBA!

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2014 CSBA Annual Convention

“Celebrating 125 Years of California Beekeeping”

The California State Beekeepers Association kicks off its 2014 CSBA Annual Convention on November 18-20, in Valencia, California.

Panel discussions “Keeping Bees Safe in Almonds,” “Land Trusts Working with Beekeepers,” and a session by Dr. Reed Johnson on “The Effects of Bee Safe Insecticides,” are among the hot topics being presented.

CSBA President Bill Lewis says, “We will hear about things going on in the world of beekeeping on the local, state, and national levels.”

Multiple generations of family owned commercial beekeeping operations, bee hobbyists, and those hoping to start their very first bee hive will gather to learn the latest about beekeeping from world renowned researchers and authorities in the industry.

Topics include components that affect the “Honey Factory:” forage, land management, queen health, genetic diversity, and pests and diseases to treat or not. Dr. Thomas Seeley will speak on “A Survivor Population of European Honey Bees Living in the Wild in New York State” at the research luncheon on Wednesday.

“Urban Beekeeping, Beginner to Advanced” as well as “Mead Making,” will be covered. A look at the world’s largest managed pollination event, Almond Odyssey - the photo-documented trek to California’s almond farms is a featured presentation.  A complete list of sessions and the bios of industry experts who will be presenting are listed at http://www.californiastatebeekeepers.com/.  Registration information is also available at the web site.

Each year funds raised at the CSBA convention go to research. Presentations of the results of these ongoing projects will be made in person by the researchers and scientists on the front lines of the bee health battle.

The exhibit area features a variety of vendors offering products and resources for all beekeepers.

CSBA was formed in 1889 to support and promote commercial beekeepers and pollination services in California’s agricultural farm lands.  The health of honey bees is a crucial element in our food chain and great interest is being focused on their survival. Learn more at the 2014 CSBA Annual Convention; it’s open to everyone.

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