The Chemistry of Essential Oils

The Chemistry of Essential Oils C390 as taught by Dr. Robert S. Pappas at Indiana University. This is the first half of the of the full semester course focusing on the chemical components most important in essential oil chemistry and how to classify them based on Dr. Ps seven basic chemical classes of molecules found in EOs. The second half of the course focuses more on the whole oils and is not yet available. It is recommended that you view the Basic Organic Chemistry Primer playlist ( before taking this course which was designed for college chemistry majors.

(Note: Thanks to Klausebees for recommending these educational links. So many of our members are taking to adding essential oils in thoughts that these additions are helping the bees when in fact they aren't actually. Check out this site as well as the fb site to become more familiar with the benefits of the oils / harvesting and production of the oils / blending of which can cause harm or enhance.)