IBRA: The Bee World Project

IBRA's The Bee World Project 

The International Bee Research Association (IBRA) was established in 1949 for the advancement of beekeeping science. It is unique and has the largest database of scientific information on bees and bee related interests in the world.

IBRA is internationally recognised as the world’s single source and foremost provider of information on bees. Its database and information services, including journals, teaching aides and publications, embrace not only familiar domesticated bee species managed by man for their beneficial products but also countless other bee species. All bees are integral members of the living environment, and as such play vital roles in the balance and maintenance of the world’s renewable natural resources and security of the world’s food supplies.

Bees, as the world’s most prolific plant pollinators, play a central role in the evolution, diversity, survival and success of the world’s flora upon which so many organisms rely. The world’s bees together constitute one major factor in assuring the future of the Earth’s vegetation and as such have a critical part to play in humankind’s endeavours to achieve sustainable development.

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