Kelley Newsletter - August

The August Issue of the Kelley Newsletter is now available. This month features: 

Wax moths, stings, pollen--it's all part of beekeeping, and it's all covered in the August issue, along with plenty more.

Kelley Newsletter:  August

Kelley Bee Newsletter December 2012

The Kelley Bee Newsletter December 2012 is now available. 

Lots of great BEE info such as: Mite Collection Request, A Taste of Top Bar Hives, Do Honeybees Bite?, My Secret Life as a Bee and much, much

Click-here for a high-resolution download; click-here if you have a slow download speed.  As always, if you have trouble with the download or want a back issue, all newsletters are available at  

Kelley Bee Newsletter  November 2012

Hello, It's the weekend.  Set down the rake, press pause on your favorite football team, and take some time for bees.  This is one of our largest issues yet, full of fall / winter prep information, interesting bee and beekeeper stories, products to consider, fun, and ways to save money.

The November 2012 issue of Kelley Bee News features: The Critical Fall Inspection (for Texas/Southern Climes), Hive Heating, Winter Ventilation, CCD, and much, much more...