Farmacy Beauty Spotlights Klausebees

(Congratulations to LACBA members Erika WainDecker and Klaus Koepfli of Klausbees!)

Farmacy Beauty   August 12, 2016

We at Farmacy Beauty are putting a spotlight on our favorite beekeepers, apiaries, bee-themed artwork and more in our #HoneySavior Series leading up to National Honey Bee Day – Saturday, August 20, 2016. Checkout to learn more about our initiative to inspire you, the consumer, to ‘bee’ a #HoneySavior by supporting your local bee populations by purchasing locally produced honey and planting nectar flowers!

KLAUSESBEES, owned by Erika WainDecker and Klaus Koepfli, has been producing fresh, local honey for forty-five years and counting. Along with serving all natural honey products to their local community, the pair also enjoys educating and mentoring local surrounding communities by actively participating in farmers markets, museums, garden associations and more.

Waindecker, who is klaus 1the former owner of Erika Wain Talent Agency, Patt-Wain Designer Graphics and a previous exhibiting painter on the national circuit, now lives a more laid-back lifestyle on the farm with her partner Klaus Koepfli. The dramatic difference between her character and lifestyle before and after she dived into the world of bees is what fuels her literary creativity.

She also has her own collection of published books, one of which is a non-fiction titled “Boots and Pearls – The Diary of klaus 4a City Gal Beekeeper.” The book is a raw, authentic and informative morning to night insight straight into the world of a mid-fifty year old widowed city gal, who met a divorced Swiss beekeeper over the internet (who happened to be co-owner Klaus Koepfli), and the story of how the pair ended up growing, re-examining, learning, and reinventing themselves together, all while using the honey bees as a central theme along the way.

What makes KLAUSESBEES unique is their recognition for the relationship between humans and bees. The pair believes that beekeeping is a partnership, “a symbiotic relationship of bee and human. In return for housing, safety, water, food and medicine as needed, the ladies give us a ‘rent’ of surplus honey,” Keopfli and WainDecker stated.

klaus 5KLAUSESBEES honey is 100% pure honey, made with no added ingredients. “Honey is simply made by bees and bottled by people,” they explain. No other steps should come in between that will disturb the natural makeup of the honey itself. The pair also recognizes and supports the use of honey among a variety of fields, including skincare, medicine, and as a sugar substitute in recipes.  Their website has an active visual page called ‘Fotos,’ which shows and discusses various beekeepers around the world whom they’ve met and been asked to present to, along with a ‘Health/Food’ and ‘Q&A’ section where they invite commentary and discussion.

Thank you so much KlausesBees for being one of our featured #HoneySavior!

Photos via Klauses Bees

Faramacy Beauty is fighting to save bees by donating $1 for every bottle of Honey Potion sold to City Growers, a nonprofit that engages city kids in active learning about where food comes from — including the importance of bees, pollination and the production of honey.