LACBA Meeting: January 5, 2015

The Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association will hold our first meeting of the New Year.  Join Us!

Meeting: Monday, January 5, 2015 

Time: Doors Open: 6:45pm/Starts: 7:00pm 

Location:  Mount Olive Lutheran Church
                 3561 Foothill Boulevard
                 La Crescenta, CA 91214
                       (In Shilling Hall)
See our Meetings page for details. 


Kodua Galieti, international photo-journalist, beekeeper, and LACBA member, is offering her beautiful 2015 BEE-INSPIRED 'The Busy Business of Bees' calendars at a 'LACBA members only' rate of $10 each.  At this price you can pick up a couple and share them with friends and fellow beekeepers.  The calendars will be available at the meeting. They can be viewed ahead of time at Kodua's website:

Kodua Galieti

Following is an open letter from Renee Bennett (Kodua Galieti's big sister). December 5, 2014


By now you may or may not be aware that Kodua has been diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer.  I am hoping we might enlist your help in keeping her spirits up. She begins chemo treatments the end of next week.

It would mean a lot to our family and to Kodua if you could ask her fellow beekeepers and bee friends to send her words and cards and notes of encouragement.  If you need Kodua’s address, please message
her on her Facebook page at:

It is our wish that Kodua feels the support and care of as many folks as possible to further strengthen her resolve in her battle.

We thank you tremendously for any assistance you might be able to provide.
Renee Bennett
Kodua's big sister

Kodua Galieti is an international photojournalist and a beekeeper.  She uses macro-photography while shooting bees to show the amazing intricacies of bees. Her beautiful honey bee photography is featured throughout this LACBA website. Kodua's goal is to inspire people about the importance of the honey bee to our world. Hopefully, in the process, they will become more aware of bees and join in the quest for their survival. Kodua's photography adorns the walls of the LA County Fair Bee Booth, was featured on the cover of American Bee Journal and WASP magazine, and can be enjoyed at major bee conventions around the country. She’s a member of the California State Beekeepers Association, the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association, and the Louisiana State Beekeepers Association.  You can view her beautiful bee photography and her 2015 BEE-INSPIRED calendar at:

Bee-Inspired 2015 Calendar by Kodua Galieti

Kodua Galieti, a resident of Southern California, is an international photojournalist as well as a beekeeper. Her relationship with the Creator of Life frames both her interest and the vantage point for the stories she tells through her camera lens. Kodua uses macro-photography while shooting bees to produce photos that show their amazing intricacies up-close and personal. This allows people to experience the incredible and whimsical beauty as well as the magnificent inner workings of the honey bee. Her goal is to delightfully inspire people about the importance of the honey bee to our world. Hopefully, in the process, they will become more aware of bees and join in the quest for their survival.

At her website,, you can view and purchase her fine art photography prints. Her images are perfect for use in educational settings such as classrooms, boardrooms, or wherever you want to see the world of bees as you have never seen before. Kodua is a member of the Los Angeles county Beekeepers Association, California State Beekeepers Association, and Louisiana State Beekeepers Association. Her annual BEE-INSPIRED Calendars are eagerly awaited by beekeepers, beekeeping organizations and clubs.

Opening Weekend at the LA County Fair - Great fun at the Bee Booth!

L.A. County Fair
at Pomona Fairgrounds
1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, CA
Aug 29-Sept 28, Wed-Sun
(Note: The fair will be closed on Wed. 9/3.) 

Visit the Bee Booth!
We're still across from the Big Red Barn
but we've moved to a bigger building with lots more room.

Gather round our fabulous HONEY BEE OBSERVATION HIVE and learn about bees. LACBA members will be on hand sharing their knowledge and passion for bees and beekeeping. Come, let us spark your interest in honey bees, their amazing lifestyle and social structure, how they help feed the world, and how they have survived for millions of years.  Come FIND THE QUEEN! 


On view is the fabulous bee photography by Kodua Galieti. We have posters and pollination information, bee-friendly plants, and suggestions for What You Can Do to help the bees.

Delicious local 100% pure raw honey from Los Angeles County available for purchase.
And Honey Stix galore!

This year we have a special treat. The lovely Queen Susannah, the American Honey Bee Queen, is buzzing across the country sharing interesting stories and facts about honey bees. She'll be on hand in our 'Bee Booth' to meet and talk with you from Sept. 10-14. Come MEET THE QUEEN!  /events/

LACBA Holiday Dinner Fun!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped with our wonderful LACBA Annual Holiday Dinner last evening at the Pickwick Gardens. Great fun was had by all.

Our delicious dinner was provided by Outback Catering (LACBA Member, Doug Noland). Potluck appetizers and desserts were brought by LACBA members.

RAFFLE!!! prizes were awesome and honey bee related.  

LABCA President, Jim Lindsey, performed the duties of Master of Ceremonies.  

LACBA Secretary, Stacey McKenna, was our gracious host and organizer of the event.

LACBA Vice President, Keith Roberts, presented the Golden Hive Tool award (our President's choice of someone who has shown great dedication to the club and thereby improved people's experience of beekeeping) to Stacy McKenna. Stacy has been the LACBA secretary for five years, volunteers at the LA County Fair Bee Booth, attends the CSBA Annual Conventions, takes copious notes of everything, shares the information with everyone, and is always willing to help beekeepers and the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association. Congratulations, Stacy, on receiving this award. And, thank you!

A special thank you to Kodua Galieti, photojournalist, beekeeper, LACBA member for her inspiring presentation of her travels through the beekeeping world of Israel, the Land of Milk and Honey. 

"While traveling in Israel, I had the privilege to photograph bees with Haim Efrat and Yosi Slavetski of the Ministry of Agriculture. What I learned is that beekeepers face the same joys and challenges all over the world. I found that we beekeepers have a special camaraderie because we share the same passion for bees and their welfare and understand how vital they are to our existance." -Kodua Galieti

Bee Inspired 2014 Bee Calendar by Kodua Galieti - Now on Sale!!!

 Just in time for the Holidays...the gorgeous Bee Inspired 2014 Bee Calendar from Kodua Galieti.

This beautiful calendar just makes you fall in love with bees all over again. Exquisite photographs, heartwarming, informative captions. Available individually or in bulk. Take a look at Kodua Photography

(Note: The calendars will be available at our next LACBA meeting. Yeah!!!)