Asheville's Laurey Masterton stood as a warrior for a better world

Black Mountain News    2/18/14   

Laurey Masterton's Motto - "Don't Postpone Joy"

She was among several hundred chefs who helped Michelle Obama launch the “Chefs Move to Schools” campaign against childhood obesity. She delivered a talk at TEDx Asheville about the importance of honey bees and her love of beekeeping.  Yet, cancer...

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Laurey Masterton was the author of: "The Fresh Honey Cookbook: 84 Recipies from a Beekeeper's Kitchen"

Luscious recipes inspired by honey bees, the food they pollinate, and the wonderful range of honey they produce. Highlighting a different honey varietal each month (tupelo, orange blossom, acacia, avocado, raspberry, tulip poplar, sourwood, blueberry, cranberry, eucalyptus, chestnut, and sage).