Samuel Ramsey - University of Maryland

Project Apis m.

(Note from LACBA: "Through our volunteer efforts at the Bee Booth at the LA County Fair the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association supports research through Project Apis m. Take a few minutes and vote for Samuel Ramsey @" Note from Project Apis m.: "Thank you for your support! This project alone has pretty big implications for our understanding of Varroa mites- beekeeper enemy #1!)

Project Apis m. funded this important project, please vote and help Samuel Ramsey win this contest for his great work!

"Vote for me! This April I won a national competition where you're judged on how well you can present your entire Doctoral Thesis in 3 minutes (called the 3MT). I was told that I would have the distinct honor of representing the University of Maryland and, more broadly, the US in the International Competition in October! Well, October kind of snuck up on me here in Thailand!!! A big part of that competition started on Sunday: "The People's Choice Vote" and apparently my video is doing pretty well!! The University of Maryland has been really excited about it! They think I've got a shot at winning the International round and they want me to take home the People's Choice Title too! The only problem is that it's kind of difficult for me to rally the troops and get the word out while I'm in another time zone 8,431 miles away from home (approximately). So how about this: I'll rally the troops here at Chiang Mai University (after all, this project is the whole reason why I'm here); could you guys help me rock the vote in the ole US of A?"

Post this link wherever you can and tell everyone to Vote for Samuel Ramsey, "The Curious Case of the Bee Mite's Bite" at