Artist Partners with 60,000 Bees to Form Splendid Teapot Sculpture

My Modern Met   By Kelcee Griffiis   February 25, 2015


Experimental artist Tomas Libertiny joined forces with 60,000 bees to create this splendid wax-and-metal teapot sculpture. With sunlight filtering through the cheerful yellow wax, the sculpture looks like an invitation to enjoy nature’s bounty.

As creative director of the process, the Rotterbam-based artist collaborated with Dutch beekeepers to guide the meticulous insects into filling the metal frame with perfect hexagons of beeswax. Libertiny noted that his job was to “direct [them] to create a fragile and valuable object – like a pearl. This takes time, and time creates value.”

The sculpture was commissioned by a high-end French silver manufacturer as part of a unique advertising campaign. Whether representing a company or standing alone as a beautiful sculpture, the teapot is the perfect blend of manmade art and nature’s wonders.