Honey Bees Sting Spider

Express    By Stuart Winter     November 28, 2016

WATCH: Honey Bees Show No Mercy As They STING Intruding Spider In Their Hive. 

THIS is the moment honey bees showed no mercy when it came to defending their hive from a huge marauding spider.


Even if stinging may bring about their own premature deaths, the brave social insects work as as cohesive and deadly force until all threats have been subdued.

In these incredible scenes, a huge fishing spider the size of a man's palm is filmed invading a hive to seek out an easy meal, only to find a formidable defensive unit.

Fishing spiders have perfected a way of feeding on tadpoles and tiddlers by submerging their bodies under water before striking, but they will also hunt down insect prey on land by using ambush tactics rather than a web.

When this fearsome spider struck at a hive in Washington State in the United Statges, it all to quickly discovered that while it has the strength to overwhelm an individual bee, the power of an entire hive is a different proposition.

Footage posted by Zaur Man from FastBees.net on social media shows how the hairy spider with a four-inch leg span arrives menacingly at the hive, dwarfing the small bees as they go about their business making honey.

Honey bees attacking the spiderYOUTUBE Honey bees showed defended they hive from a huge marauding spider

A caption reads: "This is a powerful hunting spider that does not spin a prey-catching snare."

The bee keeper goes on to explain how he regularly finds these spiders under the lids of his hives, with the bees paying no attention - until they detect it making a move.

Footage shows how the moment the spider attacks a bee but once it begins scuttling across the hive on eight legs, the response is fast and deadly.

The bees' venom paralysed the intruding spider

As scores of bees converge on the spider, smothering its body and pumping a continuous barrage of stings into its abdomen and cephalothorax, the threat is quickly subdued yet there is no let up in the insects' determination to eliminate the threat.

"Honey bees will continue to attack as long as they sense any movement of the enemy.

"The bee venom paralyses the spider within seconds but the bees do not stop. More and more are coming to help."

Bees invariably die after using their barbed stings but this does not restrain these ones from achieving total victory.

"The spider is completely destroyed but some bees want to make sure that the enemy is not going to come back and bite," says the bee-keeper.


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