Natural Beekeeping Conference

Today is the last day to get your early bird ticket to the Natural Beekeeping Conference and save $50!! 

Join HoneyLove August 19-21, 2016 for an unforgettable weekend filled with educational lectures and workshops, hands-on demonstrations, the latest in natural beekeeping techniques and findings, an elite collection of exhibitors and sponsors, rare opportunities for you to connect with likeminded beeks, sweet raw honey tastings from around the world AND OUR ANNUAL YELLOW TIE EVENT on August 19th, 6-9pm!

Guest speakers include: 
Michael Bush
Dee Lusby
May R. Berenbaum
Michael Thiele
Les Crowder
Dr. Rebecca Marsland
Sam Comfort
Rob & Chelsea McFarland
Patrick Pynes
Hilary Kearney
Eliese Watson
Matt Reed
David King
Erik Knutzen & Kelly Coyne
Christy Wilhelmi
Max Wong

All who are interested in bees and beekeeping are welcomed to attend!#HLONBC

Limited tickets available to this awesome weekend so REGISTER NOW!

Interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor?
This year’s Natural Beekeeping Conference will be one of the largest gatherings of natural beekeepers in the country! Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with our specialized group of influencers.
Email us today to join: or call (424) 625-8233

Bill's Bees: 10,000 Bees Beard With Rhett & Link on Good Mythical Morning

"A guy named Bill put 10,000 Bees on my face."

Rhett & Link, hosts of Good Mystical Morning, the daily morning comedy talk show, head off to Bill's Bees Bee Yard to see if they'd be good candidates as beekeepers.

"Two crazy guys came to visit one day and wanted me to put bees on their face,” says Bill Lewis of Bill’s Bees. “Okay!!!” Bill's Bees does most anything to help the bees!

Also on board was Rob McFarland of HoneyLove

Legalization Update: Beekeeping in City of Los Angeles

January 10, 2015: From HoneyLove: "Thanks to everyone who came to the legalization outreach meeting today! 50+ beekeepers and HoneyLovers."  Among those participating in the efforts to legalize urban beekeeping in the City of Los Angeles is Keith Roberts, president of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association. You can view the attached proposed Los Angeles Urban Beekeeping Concepts.

Sarah Red-Laird (Bee Girl) Poses Questions to Beekeepers

Yesterday (Nov. 19) at the California State Beekeepers Association conference, as part of our Next Generation Beekeepers Initiative, I facilitated a panel regarding bridging the gap between "commercial" and "backyard" beekeepers. Now, I'd like to open the floor to you for comment. 

This is a three part question. Answer just one part, two, or all three.

1) What are the differences between the two groups, as well as the similarities? 

2) What DO we do presently to help each other in a POSITIVE way? 

3) What CAN we do in the future to help each other in a POSITIVE way? I'd love to hear specific action items. 

Thank you SO much for participating!!

At the CSBA Convention!!! HoneyLove's Rob & Chelsea McFarland

CSBA Annual Convention    November 18-20, 2014   Hyatt Regency, Valenciay, CA

At the CSBA Convention!!! We are pleased to welcome HoneyLove! Co-Founders Rob and Chelsea McFarland share their expertise in "Fundraising for Bees" at 2PM Tuesday, Nov. 18. Then at 4PM Rob takes part in "Bridging the Gap between the Beekeeping Industry & the Urban Beekeeper" a panel you won't want to miss. Rob and Chelsea are a husband and wife team who started HoneyLove as a nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to protect honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers. They have convinced more than 20 neighborhood councils to send letters of support to the city to legalize beekeeping in L.A., held dozens of events, trained hundreds of new beekeepers, and facilitated the rescue of hundreds of hives. HoneyLove’s Rob (Beekeeper/Co-founder) and Chelsea (Beekeeper’s Wife/Co-founder) McFarland are a driving force in the legalization of urban beekeeping in L.A. 

Convention information on the CSBA website Events page:

Check out the rest of the schedule:

National Honey Bee Day - Today

It's National Honey Bee Day Today. We'd like to thank beekeepers, bee hobbyists, and bee enthusiasts everywhere for celebrating our precious honey bees.

We'd especially like to thank all the members of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association who are honoring the bees today by either: 

*Spending this weekend at the Pomona Fair Grounds setting up the Bee Booth for the Los Angeles County Fair which will be held August 29- September 28, 2014.

*Joining HoneyLove in their National Honey Bee Day Party and Pot Luck at Venice Beach from 10AM-2PM.  Group Photo is at Noon.

*Learning about bees at LACBA Beekeeping Class 101 Sunday, August 17, at Bill's Bees Bee Yard, 9am-Noon.

*Caring for honey bees in their own bee/back yard by providing pesticide free, bee-friendly plants and a clean water source.

May you Enjoy a Beautiful Honey Bee Day!

CSBA President Bill Lewis to speak at HoneyLove: Sunday, March 30, 2014

CSBA President Bill Lewis will be speaking at the next HoneyLove Advanced Beekeeping Meeting on March 30:  TOPICS:
1. Catching a swarm and evaluating behavior
2. Gentle/aggressive bees & how to tell the difference
3. Re-queening an aggressive colony

KCRW: Making LA a Bee-Friendly City

KCRW   By Saul Gonzalez   1/31/14 

“In many parts of the world honeybees are in trouble, with their populations in sharp decline. That decline has scientists, environmentalists, farmers and bee lovers worried because of the bees/ importance to pollination and, thus, agriculture.

But there’s some good news: here in Los Angeles the wild bee population is thriving, with as many as a dozen hives per square mile in some neighborhoods. And where there are bees there are beekeepers. L.A. has a surprisingly big community of urban beekeepers who have backyard hives. These urban beekeepers are motivated both by their love of straight, fresh-from-the-hive honey and a desire to do something to help save the global bee population.

However, when it comes to municipal rules and regulations, urban beekeeping in the City of L.A. isn’t explicitly legal. Urban beekeeping advocates, led by a group called HoneyLove, are trying to change that.  They’d like to see the city adopt rules and regulations that both promote urban beekeeping and safeguard wild bee hives reported by the public.”

Read the full article and listen:

HoneyLove page: