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Welcome to the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association!

For over 130 years the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association has been serving the Los Angeles Beekeeping Community. Our group membership is composed of commercial and small scale beekeepers, bee hobbyists, and bee enthusiasts. So whether you came upon our site by design or just 'happened' to find us - welcome! Our primary purpose is the care and welfare of the honeybee. We achieve this through education of ourselves and the general public, supporting honeybee research, and practicing responsible beekeeping in an urban environment. 

"The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others."        Saint John Chrysostom

Next LACBA Meeting:  Monday, July 11, 2016. Open: 6:45P.M./Start: 7:00P.M.  All are welcome! 

Beekeeping Class 101:
  Next class, Sunday, July 17, at Bill's Bees Bee Yard 9AM-Noon. Topic: Honey Harvesting & Extracting. BEE SUITS REQUIRED. All are Welcome! 

Check out our Facebook page for lots of info and updates on bees; and please remember to LIKE US: 



LACBA Beekeeping Class 101 - #6: July 17, 2016 at Bill's Bees Bee Yard

Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association
Beekeeping Class 101 - Class #5 

Welcome to the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association Beekeeping Class 101.
for the 2016 Season Schedule of Classes.
All bee classes for the remainder of the 2016 Season will be held at Bill's Bees Bee Yard.
The next class is Sunday, July 17, 9AM-Noon.
We teach responsible beekeeping for an urban environment,
adhering to Best Management Practices for the bees, beekeepers, and general public.
All are Welcome! 


Celebrate National Honeybee Day at The Valley Hive! - Honey Contest!!!

Our first ever Honey Tasting Event will be held on
Saturday, August 20th....National Honeybee Day!!
Time TBA. Stay tuned for more details. Save the date!!!

For more info on National Honeybee Day:


LACBA Meeting: Monday, July 11, 2016

Join us for the next meeting of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association 
Date: Monday, July 11, 2016. Doors open: 6:45pm / Meeting Starts: 7:00pm Location: Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 3561 Foothill Blvd., La Crescenta, CA 91214 Come, learn about bees! All are welcome!


Lots of Links from the CSBA - July 11, 2016

California State Beekeepers Association from Joy Pendell for your reading enjoyment.

Head on over to the CSBA and become a member:, (membership entitles you to the monthly CSBA Bee Times newsletter), read about the upcoming 2016 CSBA Annual Convention:


Disclaimer: Inclusion of items in this email does not imply CSBA or LACBA endorsement unless such endorsement is specifically stated.

WAS – News From The World Of Beekeeping

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E.LECLERC – International Honey Selling Opportunity (see attachment)

Pigeon Mountain Trading – June Newsletter (see attachment)

Land Available for Bees

“We represent clients with three plots of land totaling 6.25 acres in McFarland, CA. This property is in the middle of Orchard Ranches toward Spring Valley.  Many inquires from the Beekeeping communities and would like to provide the information regarding the land to them.” For more info contact Lyle Ballard at 310.490.7596


The Wildlife Society Partners with Feed A Bee to Plant 25 Million Flowers

PR Newswire - Bayer Corporation  June 22, 2016

Partners celebrate National Pollinator Week by announcing large-scale planting to establish spring forage for pollinators. So…never look a gift horse…. 

Announced today, the Bayer Bee Care Program has engaged as a Premier Partner of The Wildlife Society (TWS). The groups will work together toward the goal of planting 25 million pollinator-attractant wildflower seeds, increasing forage and nutrition options for hungry bees that are suffering from a limited menu. So far, thousands of people have participated in “Tweet a ๐Ÿ, #FeedABee,” the social initiative driving the number of seeds being planted. By partnering with TWS and encouraging even more people to get involved online, Feed a Bee hopes to double the number of current engagements to reach the 25 million seeds by the fall, when the planting will take place.

“Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in contributing to the outdoor landscapes that TWS members work so hard to protect and preserve,” said Ken Williams, chief executive officer of TWS. “As an organization committed to sustaining wildlife populations and habitats, TWS is partnering with the Feed a Bee program to help combat one of the leading challenges facing honey bees today – lack of forage.”

TWS will engage its nearly 10,000 members to identify key areas in the U.S. in need of more forage and announce where the millions of seeds will be planted at its 23rd Annual Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, in October. The planting will occur later in the fall, just in time for the pollinator buffet to bloom and establish spring 2017 forage.

“We’re excited to partner with TWS for the Feed a Bee program’s first ever large-scale planting this fall,” said Dr. Becky Langer, program manager of the Bayer Bee Care Program. “Planting more flowers is something everyone can do to help address the challenges pollinators face today. Conducting a planting of this magnitude on a national scale will help not only to increase forage options but also to raise awareness of the important role pollinators play in our everyday lives.”

In addition to partnering for the premier planting event of the year, TWS will involve its dedicated membership of scientists, managers, educators, consultants, students and other pollinator allies to distribute and plant 60,000 wildflower seed packets, contributing to even more forage across the nation.

Partnering with TWS is one of many ways the Feed a Bee program is supporting pollinator and bee health awareness. In the year since the White House announced its National Pollinator Strategy, more than 500,000 people have engaged with Feed a Bee to plant 150 million flowers across the nation. Additionally, Feed a Bee has partnered with more than 100 organizations, including TWS, from every sector for planting and education initiatives.

In addition to leveraging their social media accounts to plant seeds, people can get involved with Feed a Bee in several ways:

  • Request seed packets: For a short time, individuals can request a free packet of wildflower seeds, while supplies last, to start their own pollinator patches.
  • Sing along: An original Feed a Bee music video stars Beatrice Blume and her friends as they spread wildflowers. As more people follow along and view the video, Bayer will plant additional wildflowers working with its network of Feed a Bee partners.


The Wildlife Society

Founded in 1937, the Wildlife Society is a strong and effective voice in representing wildlife conservation and management, and ensuring sustainable wildlife populations in healthy ecosystems. The mission of TWS is to represent and serve the professional community of scientists, managers, educators, technicians, planners, and others who work actively to study, manage, and conserve wildlife and its habitats worldwide. Find us on the web at

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