Our Objectives:

  • To promote the interest of bee culture and beekeeping within Los Angeles County.

  • To enhance the education of the general public and of the association members concerning the important roles of honeybees in the natural, rural, and urban worlds.

  • To provide information for the closer cooperation of beekeepers with apiculture researchers and public agencies that they may work together for the promotion of systematic, managed beekeeping in the County of Los Angeles.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization:

Funds raised through donations go to honey bee education and research.

Our Beginning:

On Saturday, August 18, 1873, the nine founding members of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association held its first meeting in El Monte, California. A Constitution and By-Laws were adopted and the following officers were elected: President: John T. Gordon, Vice-Presidents: Thomas A. Garvey and W. T. Martin, Secretary: William M. Rasmussen, Treasurer: J.C. Bames.  Members: Henry Beekley, L.M. Rasmussen, Levi Richardson, and A.J. Davidson were in attendance. The Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association has met continuously since then. When Robert's Rules of Order were published in 1876 as a "guide to fair and orderly procedures in meetings" they were adopted by the LACBA.

Our Community:

We are a diverse community populated by individuals from all walks of life. We are brought together by our interest in and love of the honeybee. We're composed of bee hobbyists, bee enthusiasts, small scale beekeepers, and commercial beekeepers who make our living from working with bees. Whether a new bee or a long time beekeeper we share our experience and knowledge with each other and the general public. Our members unselfishly give of our time and energy to help ourselves and others better understand and care for the honeybee. We are involved in beekeeping on an individual, group, state, national, and international level.

Our Gratitude: The LACBA Golden Hive Tool Award: 

In 2008, Clyde Steese, then president of the LACBA, created The Golden Hive Tool Award.  It is our President’s choice of someone who has shown great dedication to the club and thereby improved people’s experience of beekeeping.  Recipients include:

2008 Walt McBride
2009 Don & Robin Mitchell
2010 William (Bill) Lewis
2011  William (Red) & Ann Bennett
2012 Bill Rathfelder
2013 Stacy McKenna  
2014 Cynthia Caldera
2015 Clyde Steese
2016 Jon Reese
2017 The Mussenden Family
2018 Dave Williams