Hive Branding, Inspection, Tracking

Serial Brand:

If you are registering with the State for a serial brand for your hives (to ID your equipment), especially those of us with enough hives to be doing commercial pollination, it's a one-time $25 fee. The application form is unavailable online. Please contact the CDFA directly at:

California Department of Food and Agriculture
1220 N Street Room A-357
Sacramento CA 95814
(916) 262-1371
Mr. Chung Lui
Integrated Pest Control
Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services

Brand Purchasing:

Branding irons, equipment, and supplies can be purchased through Brand New Industries

Hive Inspection Sheet: 

Russ Levine, LACBA member, has created an excellent Hive Inspection Sheet which includes structure, strength, pests and treatments, frames of drawn honey, and much more to monitor and care for your hives. Download a free Hive Inspection Sheet

Hive Tracking:

Hive Tracks is a free web-based application beekeepers use to track their hives, queens, medications, feedings, changes, equipment and more: