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This is the official website for the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association established in 1873.



Website Photography:


We'd like to thank Kodua Galieti and Cameron Mitchell for the outstanding photography they have contributed to our website. 

The exquisite photography of bees, pollination, and beekeeping classes courtesy of:

Kodua Galieti - International Photojournalist 

For more than a decade Kodua has masterfully captured the complexities and wonders of the human experience as a photojournalist. Kodua is drawn to themes of personal story, culture, and traditions, family, faith, animals, and bees. She has not only raised chimps but her passion for bees has led her to become a beekeeper and Kodua devotes her talent and resources toward the preservation of these incredibly important pollinators.

Kodua's photography adorns the walls of the LA County Fair Bee Booth, was featured on the cover of American Bee Journal and WASP magazine, and can be enjoyed at major bee conventions around the country.

Koda Galieti is a member of the Los Angeles County Bee Association (LACBA) and the Beekeepers Association of Southern California (BASC).

Thank you, Kodua, for all the work you do for bees. And, thank you for providing the LACBA website with awesome photography of the beauty and grace of the honeybee.



Photography of the Bee Booth in this website is courtesy of:

Cameron Mitchell 

Cameron Mitchell is an Emmy award-winning cameraman who has worked in the television and film industry for over 24 years. Cameron always finds new excitement and beauty in the process of making imagery while creating and shooting shows for his production company. He has worked on just about every type of production imaginable, running the gamut from film work to documentaries, Reality TV, shooting at major concert venues, Hollywood premieres and even hard news. He has spent the last seven years shooting the popular PBS television series "California's Gold" with host Huell Howser, literally shooting hundreds of shows throughout the entire state of California, Alaska and Baja California just to name a few.

As a Producer and Director he has created a variety of documentaries on wildlife subjects including his current production on the plight of the honeybee worldwide. Telling unique and compelling stories through the visual medium has always been his passion. “I learned early on that everyone has a interesting story to tell or a place to show and deserves that special approach to bring those stories to life.” His newest venture is his pilot show titled "California's Golden Coasts.” “California, wow what a magnificent state! The potential visuals and rich stories here are unlimited.”

Cameron is devoted to the vision of producing the most compelling and captivating programming possible. He is continuously guided by his intuition, keen sense of visual imagery and storytelling, which is his benchmark of craftsmanship and professionalism--a common thread seen in all of his work. His goal is to bring the very best of unforgettable, exciting, new and distinctive productions for everyone to enjoy.    

Thank you very much, Cameron, for providing the photography of the LA County Fair Bee Booth in our website.

Visit Cameron's website to view a sample of some of his current video projects.