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Book now for the 2016 CSBA Annual Convention!

Rooms are filling up fast at the Kona Kai Resort & Spa. Click on the link above to book your room now. The group code is 1114CSB. The convention will be held November 15th – 17th in San Diego, CA. You don’t want to miss it!

Forage & Nutrition Task Force Of The North American Pollinator Partnership Campaign – Short Survey

“We are reaching out to beekeepers to help us determine appropriate standards for granting tax incentives to beekeeping. The data gathered from this 1-minute survey will allow us to propose evidence-based guidelines on how many acres per hive should be granted these tax benefits, which will help beekeepers and our most important pollinators.”

WAS – News From The World Of Beekeeping

FFN - During National Pollinator Week, USDA Announces Key Measures To Improve Pollinator Health

ABC - Bee-ing Good Partners For Honey Bee Health

ABC - Call For Almond Conference Presentation Proposals

Catch The Buzz – HSI Chicago Seizes Nearly 60 Tons Of Honey Illegally Imported From China, Again!!!

Catch The Buzz – Field Crops And Bees: Research Shows Surprising Relationships, Need For Better Crop Management

Growing Produce - Scientists Selected To Work On Healthy Hives 2020 Initiative

Catch The Buzz – The Wildlife Society Partners With Feed A Bee To Plant 25 Million Flowers

Catch The Buzz – USDA Scientists And Beekeepers Swap Colonies To Better Bees

Catch The Buzz – Tabitha Mansker, 2016 American Honey Princess Picasa

Catch The Buzz – Pollinator Week: Celebrating Blue Butterflies On The Great Lakes 

Southern Oregon Beekeepers Association – Fall Bee School July 30, 2016

Washington Post – Nobel Winners Defend GMO Safety

Buyer near San Francisco, CA looking for Honey Supplier

“Hello! I am looking to source California Honey for my business. We use about 40lbs a week. Some of the places we have called have not been able to supply us with this amount. Any idea of who we could reach out to?” If you think you can help, please contact Rachel Malsin at rachel@projectjuice.com

CSBA The President's Word - August 2014

The President's Word     - August 2014
Fellow Beekeepers, 

For those of you who have not already set aside the week of Nov. 17-21, 2014 to attend the CSBA Annual Convention, please do so today!

This year's 125th Annual Convention will be hosted by the Hyatt in Valencia, CA just north of Los Angeles with easy access to the I-5 freeway and very close to the Magic Mountain Theme Park and more for those familiar with the area. Please see the full-page ad at the bottom of this issue!

We are expecting a large turn-out of attendees from all over CA and around the country. There should be plenty of interest to both those making their living keeping bees as well as a large contingent of urban beekeepers, especially from the over 1,000 members of bee associations in Los Angeles and vicinity. I encourage all attendees to spend the extra dollars to stay at the Hyatt. Avoid the hassle of the morning commute; share a room to get the cost down. I am interested in booking as many rooms as possible since our group earns 1 complimentary room for every 50 rooms booked. These complimentary rooms are used to house some of our speakers, which saves the CSBA the cost of these rooms. We are bringing in many speakers that will need these rooms so please book your room today! Convention information is being added daily to the CSBA website so check back often to get the latest updates on the program. There will be links to most of our speaker biographies. 

Our September 4th CSBA board meeting is fast approaching. I encourage any CSBA member to attend these board meetings and get involved in supporting your organization. The CSBA Board of Directors is a core group of individuals that give up time out of their busy daily schedules to make the decisions that will better the beekeeping industry in CA. New blood is always welcome and encouraged. It is most important to share the burden in advancing the interests of CA beekeepers and beyond. 

Work is being done to make almond orchards a safer place for bees. Your Board of Directors is working hard to communicate with almond growers and Pest Control Advisors (PCA's) to mitigate bee health problems that occurred last season during almond pollination and to avoid the same problems this coming pollination season. There will be a panel at the CSBA convention with representatives from the almond Industry, PCA's, and beekeepers affected by bee kills last year in almonds. The goal - finding a safer path for bees in almond pollination in 2015. 

There are important meetings to attend to. Your CSBA President is planning to attend a follow-up meeting to the high level meeting held in Washington D.C. last March that resulted in a memorandum from President Obama in support of Honey Bee Health and Forage support systems. This USDA Forage and Nutrition Summit will also be in Washington D.C. in October. I believe Day 1 of the summit is open to the public. Day 2 will focus on working groups and will be limited to invited participants. This meeting will be followed by the 14th Annual North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) Conference. I expect a number of attendees at both these meetings will be in attendance at our CSBA Convention in November. I hope to get those attendees to regurgitate information gleaned from these meetings. 

I have heard news of good honey harvests in the Dakotas and the Mid-West. I hope this translates to lots of $ being spent on auction items at the CSBA Convention in support of raising $ for bee research. 

Bill Lewis, CSBA President

Honeybee Democracy

Radiowest.kuer.org          By Doug Fabrizio     May 23, 2014

(NYCBeekeeping.org: "Tom Seeley was interviewed by RadioWest recently, and they talked about... wait for it... wait for it... Swarms. Not how to control them, or how to detect swarming before it happens, but about the process, and what goes on in all those tiny brains. Nearly an hour, but it is an mp3, so you can download it, (right-click on the play button, and "save as") and listen to it on the subway. Tom is always worth a listen.")

Over millions of years, honeybees have evolved to act as a collective. Together, they identify and deliberate new nest locations and then navigate there as a swarm. Thomas Seeley loves honey bees, and he knows a lot about them. But there's one thing that remains a mystery to him: how do bees know when to swarm? As he searches for the answer, Seeley's learning what these insects can teach humans about making decisions. Seeley joins us Friday to talk about the lives of bees and their democracy. [Rebroadcast]

Thomas Seeley is a professor in the Department of Neurology and Behavior at Cornell University. He's the author of Honeybee Democracy [Amazon|Indiebound] and The Wisdom of the Hive [Amazon|Indiebound]

Listen and Download: http://radiowest.kuer.org/post/honeybee-democracy-0

(Note: We are honored that Thomas Seeley will be speaking at the California State Beekeepers Association Annual Convention in Valencia, CA November 18-20, 2014.)

CSBA The President's Word - February 2014

The President's Word
I hope everyone is as fortunate as myself to have rented all my bees to almond growers.  I delivered my bees last week to the orchards leaving only one wimpy colony at home.  I got to work with my bees yesterday in the orchards.  At most locations, tips of the trees were barely starting to bloom.  At one location, near Lerdo and I-5, there must have been close to 30% bloom and the orchard was alive with the buzz. That sound still amazes me and it is fun to have lunch sitting between the almond rows in the dirt.  This is going to be one unusual year with almond bloom coming early, lack of water (I am envious of those in Northern CA who recently got several inches of rain).  I have seen some big older orchards being ripped out, but also plenty of new orchards put in as well.  I am optimistic that the demand for our bees will remain strong despite what appears may be a slight dip in demand this season.

I am fortunate to have good help at home to keep everything running while I jet off to Milwaukee, WI to attend the "National Pheasant Fest" and to support wildlife and honey bee forage.  I have met so many interesting people through bees and this event promises to be another one of those.  I connected with Anna Kettlewell who is Director of the American Honey Queen Program (1999 American Honey Queen) and she took the ball and lined up at least 12 volunteers, including the current WI Honey Queen and the President of the WI Beekeepers Association, to help staff the bee table over the 3-day show in the Wildlife Pollinator section of the Youth Village at Pheasant Fest.  Mike Laforge, current manager of the Dadant store in Watertown, WI chipped in to loan a large carload of beekeeping equipment to be used for the display.  I am hoping to develop more fruitful relationships with Pheasants Forever (nationwide organization) and others in our pursuit of more bee forage. 

In March, I will meet with legislators at the CA Farm Bureau in Sacramento. I am also continuing to line up interesting speakers for our convention next November, which seems like a long way off, but there is much to do. 

Let's make the best of our strange and unusual CA weather. 

Bill Lewis, CSBA President