Legalization Update: Beekeeping in City of Los Angeles

January 10, 2015: From HoneyLove: "Thanks to everyone who came to the legalization outreach meeting today! 50+ beekeepers and HoneyLovers."  Among those participating in the efforts to legalize urban beekeeping in the City of Los Angeles is Keith Roberts, president of the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association. You can view the attached proposed Los Angeles Urban Beekeeping Concepts.

Sarah Red-Laird (Bee Girl) Poses Questions to Beekeepers

Yesterday (Nov. 19) at the California State Beekeepers Association conference, as part of our Next Generation Beekeepers Initiative, I facilitated a panel regarding bridging the gap between "commercial" and "backyard" beekeepers. Now, I'd like to open the floor to you for comment. 

This is a three part question. Answer just one part, two, or all three.

1) What are the differences between the two groups, as well as the similarities? 

2) What DO we do presently to help each other in a POSITIVE way? 

3) What CAN we do in the future to help each other in a POSITIVE way? I'd love to hear specific action items. 

Thank you SO much for participating!!

At the CSBA Convention!!! HoneyLove's Rob & Chelsea McFarland

CSBA Annual Convention    November 18-20, 2014   Hyatt Regency, Valenciay, CA

At the CSBA Convention!!! We are pleased to welcome HoneyLove! Co-Founders Rob and Chelsea McFarland share their expertise in "Fundraising for Bees" at 2PM Tuesday, Nov. 18. Then at 4PM Rob takes part in "Bridging the Gap between the Beekeeping Industry & the Urban Beekeeper" a panel you won't want to miss. Rob and Chelsea are a husband and wife team who started HoneyLove as a nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to protect honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers. They have convinced more than 20 neighborhood councils to send letters of support to the city to legalize beekeeping in L.A., held dozens of events, trained hundreds of new beekeepers, and facilitated the rescue of hundreds of hives. HoneyLove’s Rob (Beekeeper/Co-founder) and Chelsea (Beekeeper’s Wife/Co-founder) McFarland are a driving force in the legalization of urban beekeeping in L.A. 

Convention information on the CSBA website Events page:

Check out the rest of the schedule:

National Honey Bee Day - August 16, 2014 10am-2pm

REMINDER: This Saturday is National Honeybee Day. Some of our LACBA members and many local beekeepers will be celebrating at HoneyLove's event, a Venice Beach Potluck. Join fellow beekeepers on Saturday, August 16, from 10am to 2pm by the lifeguard tower on Market Street near Venice Skatepark. Sounds like great fun! Come out and support the honeybees!!! There will be a group photo at noon.