Backyard Beekeeping in LA City: September 2 - PLUM Committee of City Council

LA City Planning Committee   9/1/2015
City Council will be reviewing the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) recommendation to move the proposed Backyard Beekeeping Ordinance to the City Attorney's Office at tomorrow morning's meeting -- 10 am, Item 15 on the agenda.  The hearing for the ordinance was held during the PLUM meeting and it could go on consent (meaning that they can act on it without discussion), but a Councilmember can call it out for discussion.  Planning staff will be present in case any questions arise. Call into Council Phone at (213) 621-2489 to listen to the meeting, or you can stream video of the meeting.
We apologize for the late notice.
What's Next: City Attorney's Office transmits the final ordinance to PLUM, who will then forward it to the full City Council
The next step will be to wait for the City Attorney's Office to review the Ordinance for form and legality and transmit it back to the PLUM Committee, who will then forward it to the full City Council. While the timeline for these steps is uncertain, the PLUM Committee stated their eagerness to see the Backyard Beekeeping Ordinance move through the process as quickly as possible, which was noted by the City Attorney.
We will notify you when the Ordinance has reached its next milestone.
Thank You