Check it out! The Bee Booth at the LA County Fair

The Bee Booth at the LA County Fair

Wed - Sun thru September 24, 2017

Maybe you can find the queen! Learn about bees!

Enjoy honeystix! Pick up some local honey!

Beekeepers from the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association

and the Beekeepers Association of Southern California are on hand

to answer your questions and share their adventures in beekeeping! Check it out!

How many beekeepers does it take to find the queen?

2017 bee booth how many beekeepers.jpg

Everyone has fun at the Bee Booth.

No doubt about it, kids love stix!The early morning line excited to see the honey bees.

Honeystix, Bees, a packed growd of kids on a school trip having fun in the Bee Booth.

Early in the morning, Beekeeper Bob waves from the Bee Booth.

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2017 Bee Booth Album