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Here is a list of links from Joy Pendell of the CSBA for your reading enjoyment.  

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WAS – News From The World Of Beekeeping

WAS - Procrastinators Rejoice: WAS Hotel Discount Extended to Sept 26

ABF - 2017 North American Beekeeping Conference

Catch The Buzz – South Carolina County Inadvertently Kills Millions Of Honey Bees

CNN - Zika Spraying Kills Millions Of Honeybees

Wired - One Scientist’s Crazy Bet To Save The Bees: Join Monsanto

Project Apis M – Deformed Wing Virus And Varroa

Catch The Buzz – The Buzz About Honey Bee Viruses. If You Wondered About Controlling Varroa, Wonder No More…

Catch The Buzz – A Look Into The Cell: There’s A Lot More To Honey Storage Than You Thought!

Catch The Buzz – U Mass Amherst Research Finds Untreated Lawns Yield Unexpectedly Rich Bee Species Mix

ABC - Forage Your Way To Better Bee Health

ABC – Seeds For Bees

CBS - Central Valley Farmers Aim To Sting Beehive Thieves

Portland Press Herald - Maine’s Apiarists Are All Abuzz About New Federal Rules

Catch The Buzz – FDA Issues Direct Final Rule Revising Categorization Of Animal Drugs Used In Medicated Feeds

Gaia Health Blog - The Manuka Project: Finding “Real Honey”, And Not Wasting “Real Money”

Bloomberg Business Week - China Is Coping With Pollution By Buying Fancy Honey

Catch The Buzz – If You’re Going To Sell Imported Honey, Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It!

Catch The Buzz – Yucatan Honey Production Drops By 70% Due To Weather

Catch The Buzz – Purdue Entomologist Awarded USDA Grant For Neonicotinoid Research

UC Davis - Registration For The Intro To Mead Making is LIVE

Catch The Buzz – Land Use Changes Threaten 40% Of U.S. Commercial Bees

Catch The Buzz – Biofungicide Receives Registration For Use On Stone Fruit And Almonds

Maven’s Notebook - Drought, Climate Change, And California Water Management

Nevada County Beekeepers Association – The Local Buzz

Catch The Buzz – 2017 Bee Culture Calendar Photo Contest Closes October 3, 2016

Catch The Buzz – Safe, Edible Bottle Coating Empties Every Last Drop Of Honey, Syrup, Ketchup

Catch The Buzz – Another Piece In The Pollinator Habitat Puzzle. High Cash Rents And Low Commodity Prices Are Driving Producers And Landowners To Well-Paying CRP Ground.

Catch The Buzz – Earthworms Are Changing Forest Floors, And Reducing The Diversity Of Forest Floor Flora. Another Piece Of The Honey Bee Habitat Story

Kelly Beekeeping – September Newsletter