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Here is a list of links from Joy Pendell of the CSBA for your reading enjoyment.  

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WAS – News From The World Of Beekeeping

WAS - Procrastinators Rejoice: WAS Hotel Discount Extended to Sept 26

ABF - 2017 North American Beekeeping Conference

Catch The Buzz – South Carolina County Inadvertently Kills Millions Of Honey Bees

CNN - Zika Spraying Kills Millions Of Honeybees

Wired - One Scientist’s Crazy Bet To Save The Bees: Join Monsanto

Project Apis M – Deformed Wing Virus And Varroa

Catch The Buzz – The Buzz About Honey Bee Viruses. If You Wondered About Controlling Varroa, Wonder No More…

Catch The Buzz – A Look Into The Cell: There’s A Lot More To Honey Storage Than You Thought!

Catch The Buzz – U Mass Amherst Research Finds Untreated Lawns Yield Unexpectedly Rich Bee Species Mix

ABC - Forage Your Way To Better Bee Health

ABC – Seeds For Bees

CBS - Central Valley Farmers Aim To Sting Beehive Thieves

Portland Press Herald - Maine’s Apiarists Are All Abuzz About New Federal Rules

Catch The Buzz – FDA Issues Direct Final Rule Revising Categorization Of Animal Drugs Used In Medicated Feeds

Gaia Health Blog - The Manuka Project: Finding “Real Honey”, And Not Wasting “Real Money”

Bloomberg Business Week - China Is Coping With Pollution By Buying Fancy Honey

Catch The Buzz – If You’re Going To Sell Imported Honey, Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It!

Catch The Buzz – Yucatan Honey Production Drops By 70% Due To Weather

Catch The Buzz – Purdue Entomologist Awarded USDA Grant For Neonicotinoid Research

UC Davis - Registration For The Intro To Mead Making is LIVE

Catch The Buzz – Land Use Changes Threaten 40% Of U.S. Commercial Bees

Catch The Buzz – Biofungicide Receives Registration For Use On Stone Fruit And Almonds

Maven’s Notebook - Drought, Climate Change, And California Water Management

Nevada County Beekeepers Association – The Local Buzz

Catch The Buzz – 2017 Bee Culture Calendar Photo Contest Closes October 3, 2016

Catch The Buzz – Safe, Edible Bottle Coating Empties Every Last Drop Of Honey, Syrup, Ketchup

Catch The Buzz – Another Piece In The Pollinator Habitat Puzzle. High Cash Rents And Low Commodity Prices Are Driving Producers And Landowners To Well-Paying CRP Ground.

Catch The Buzz – Earthworms Are Changing Forest Floors, And Reducing The Diversity Of Forest Floor Flora. Another Piece Of The Honey Bee Habitat Story

Kelly Beekeeping – September Newsletter


Lots of Links from the CSBA - July 11, 2016

California State Beekeepers Association from Joy Pendell for your reading enjoyment.

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WAS – News From The World Of Beekeeping

Catch The Buzz – Neonicotinoids Can Jeopardize The Normal Development Of Honey Bee Larvae

Catch The Buzz – EU Decides Not To Decide On Using Roundup

Catch The Buzz – Epipen Price Skyrockets, Lack Of Competition

Catch The Buzz – Forensic Pollen Science Is A Way Of Life For Vaughn Bryant. Solving Murders Is One Of The Perks

Catch The Buzz – Akron Honey Co. On New Lebron James Show

OCBA – Fair Volunteers Needed

ABF – Webinar Series Signup

Good Food Retailers Collaborative – Good Food Awards Entry

E.LECLERC – International Honey Selling Opportunity (see attachment)

Pigeon Mountain Trading – June Newsletter (see attachment)

Land Available for Bees

“We represent clients with three plots of land totaling 6.25 acres in McFarland, CA. This property is in the middle of Orchard Ranches toward Spring Valley.  Many inquires from the Beekeeping communities and would like to provide the information regarding the land to them.” For more info contact Lyle Ballard at 310.490.7596 orlyleatkaleoreco@gmail.com